BioInnovate Africa Programme
Phase II

Guiding notes on the BioInnovate grants application system

  1. Download template with all fields that are required: Click here
  2. Please, click on the link to the application form: Please, note that the form must be fully completed at once as it does not allow you save and come back to complete in another session. You should, therefore, be ready with a PDF copy of your concept note so that you can easily cut, paste and edit as you complete the online form.

  3. The form has five sections. You MUST complete all the fields marked with a red asterisk (*). Move to subsequent sections by clicking the “continue” button. This automatically saves your current progress as you move to the next section. You cannot proceed to the next section if you do not fill all the fields with a red asterisk.

  4. The section marked ‘Declaration’ is filled in by the Team Leader and is a declaration that all that is filled in in all the sections is true and honest to the best of their knowledge.

  5. The Review section enables you to view and edit your completed online form. Please, make sure that all your information is correct because no changes can be made your final submission.

  6. You and all the team members whose details you have filled in will receive an email confirmation after your final submission.